How not to lose your drone

How not to lose your drone?

Do you own a traditional or a race drone? That doesn’t matter which one, if your answer is yes, you own a feeling along with your drone: fear of losing it. People who own a drone experience this feeling of crashing their drone into the unknown. However, with the LOKO a backup tracking device worries and anxieties fade away. LOKO solves your problem differently and efficiently than other GPS trackers! Here is how!

Most traditional GPS trackers work with SIM cards. The problem is, GPS trackers with SIM cards work as well as they get signals. Out of network area, they become useless. LOKO does not work with SIM cards. It has its own radio transmitter specially designed for mountains, forests, the sea, and other humanly unreachable destinations. LOKO has a range of 10+ km and 1 month of battery life. With its lightness, LOKO GPS trackers do not affect your drone’s balance or speed. It is only 12 grams. With the LOKO GPS tracker, you can relax, race your drones and abolish the borders, because you will never lose touch.

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