Track any animal in the wildlife.

LOKO: A tiny GPS tracker for wildlife animal tracking

Two common things about a wildlife animal scientist and a farmer are that they don’t want to lose track of their animals and they need a quality GPS tracker. If you are a scientist and analyze the movement of an animal it would be frustrating when your research doesn’t get completed just because your tracking device loses its signal, runs out of a battery, or gets out of range. And for a farmer it is both psychologically and economically upsetting to lose animals. Our relationship with our animals shouldn’t be this worrying and stressful. And with the LOKO GPS tracker, it is not.

What is the difference between traditional GPS trackers and LOKO?

Researched wildlife animals and farm animals won’t get lost when they are wearing the LOKO GPS tracker because LOKO doesn’t work with a SIM card. GPS trackers activated with SIM cards do not send signals when they are out of the network area. However, the LOKO GPS tracker has a radio transmitter that lets you track any animal beyond 10+ km range on the map. 

  • For how long? LOKO GPS tracker has 1 month of battery life. 
  • Does LOKO work even if in rain? Yes, the LOKO is water-resistant unless you track a fish. 
  • What if the animals feel uncomfortable wearing the LOKO? They won’t even feel the device unless you track a fly because LOKO GPS tracker is only 12 grams. 

Be free from all your worries about wildlife and farm animals with a tiny, very light GPS tracker, LOKO. Never lose touch.

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