• light weight GPS tracker


    Lightweight at just 12 grams.

  • Water, Dust Resistance

    Loko is specifically designed to function in tough environments, enduring rain, dust, and drops.

  • Ultra Long Battery Life

    Optimized loko with an energy-efficient design, allowing it to operate for up to a year on a single charge.

  • +5 km Range

    Ultra long range with Lora radio Technology. Software selectable operation frequency 868/915MHz

Feel safer even in most lonely places.

Stay connected in remote areas with Loko GPS tracker for outdoor enthusiasts. No GSM coverage or monthly fees required!

Friends are forever friends

Keep your furry friends safe with LOKO GPS tracker. Loko weights only 12 grams , attach it to their collar and easily locate them if they wander off.
Loko’s lightweight design and extended battery life render it well-suited for tracking even small animals.

Multi Connection

Loko’s multiple connection feature enables multiple GPS transmitters to connect to a single receiver unit, allowing users to view the location of all connected devices on a smartphone map. This feature makes it convenient for individuals or organizations to track multiple assets or vehicles simultaneously.

Long Range

Loko utilizes low-power, long-range radio signals (LoRa), allowing it to achieve extended operational distances while maintaining minimal transmit power. Furthermore, it demonstrates remarkable signal penetration capabilities, even in challenging environments like dense forests and rugged terrains.

  • Hackaday

    "As a result of its widespread use, the cost of [GPS] components is... low enough that almost anyone can build their own GPS device, and [Akio Sato] has taken this to the extreme with efforts to build a GPS tracker that uses the tiniest amount of power."

  • Huckster News

    "Long-range low-power GNSS tracker lightweight enough to strap to drones — and tough enough to take a crash, its creators claim."

  • Geeky Gadgets

    "Capable of providing up to 30 days of use on a single charge, the tiny tracker works anywhere even without 2G, 3G, or LTE. coverage"